Band of owners - 09/07/2014

An alliance of shipowners seeking to ensure the enforcement of incoming maritime sulphur regulations has officially launched today.

Maersk, Hoegh Autoliners, Stena, J Lauritzen, Torvald Klaveness and Eukor Car Carriers are among the founding members of a group headed by Roger Strevens of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.

Strevens, who will sit as chairman, says it may seem counter intuitive for industry practitioners to argue for greater regulatory compliance but in this case it is important to level the playing field.

As he told TradeWinds when the idea of the Trident Alliance first floated last month: “This is not an environmental crusade. This is an economic imperative.”

While he says today it’s too early to offer definitive ideas for the tricky issue of compliance in the emissions control area, the focus of the alliance will be on transparency and innovation.

The name trident comes from the three aligned interests of the environment, health and responsible industry, Strevens says.

Jan Kastrup-Nielsen, chief executive of J Lauritzen, said: "I am pleased that the alliance has been founded and that J Lauritzen from the beginning is part of this important initiative to work for effective enforcement of sulphur regulations thus securing a level competitive playing field while supporting the environmental benefits intended by the legislators.”

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