Switzerland's new union - 14/10/2014

A new Swiss lobby association has been created following the merger of three trading groups with a combined value of $21bn.


View from the Lake Geneva.

The Swiss Trade and Shipping Association (STSA) will consolidate three existing regional players, the Geneva Trade and Shipping Association, the Zug Commodity Association and the Lugano Commodity Trading Association.

It will be based in Geneva and will be led by David Fransen, general director of the Swiss unit of oil trader Vitol.

Other members include Trafigura and Glencore.

Stephane Graber, STSA’s general secretary, said in a statement: “The new association will be able to more clearly communicate with and effectively engage Swiss authorities, NGOs and the media.”

Around 150 commodity companies, banks and legal firms will operate under the new lobby’s umbrella.

in www.tradewindsnews.com 01/10/2014