Other products

In addition to the traditional Marine Insurance products, Groupe Eyssautier is well equipped and qualified to arrange and advise on many other additional marine insurance policies

“MARINE SPECIAL RISKS” : Compensation for the financial consequences of kidnapping and detention of a ship and its crew by illegal entities. It is also accompanied by assistance in crisis management during the occurrence of the event and negotiation to allow the release of the ship and its crew.

“BUILDER’S RISKS” : Insurance cover for ship throughout its construction, especially against the risk of fire while being at yard, damage at time of launch or during the collision at sea trying.

“INNOCENT OWNER INTEREST” : Guarantee the interests of the shipowner while insurance Hull & Machinery and Increased Value subscribed by the third party operating unit (bareboat charterer for example) are canceled or inapplicable because of an act of the operator thereof.

“Loss of profit” : Indemnification of a vessel operator (shipowner, chaterer or sub-charterer) for the financial losses arising from a breach of the charter party.

“Time charterer default” : Indemnification for financial loss in the event of the charterer being made insolvent or declining to meet charter hire costs. 

“Delay in delivery” : Indemnification for direct and indirect financial losses suffered in the event of a vessel being delivered late by the shipyard.

“Non delivery” : The insured is indemnified for direct and indirect financial losses due to the cancellation of a building contract, or for the non delivery of a vessel.

Our team of specialists are at your disposal to analyse, advise, and negotiate the best and most appropriate form of insurance protection to meet your specific requirements.