Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is intended to cover exposed risks of all goods transported, by any means of transport, whether by sea, land, or air.

With nearly 25 million euros of premiums for the year 2004, Groupe Eyssautier is a significant Broker in the field of cargo insurance.


Groupe Eyssautier manages a portfolio of very diversified goods :

  • Commodities  :

Over the last thirty years, the group has acquired an internationally recognised expertise in the insurance of agri-commodities :

  • Grain
  • Rice
  • Sugar, salt Fruits
  • Oil seeds and by-product (oils and meals)
  • Coffee, cocoa

As well as other Cargoes such as:

  • Cotton
  • Cement
  • Fertilizers
  • Metals, Ores
  • Alcohols…

These insurance policies are managed by Groupe Eyssautier on behalf of International Trading Companies, but also on behalf of Import/Export companies of various sizes located worldwide.

To meet the requirements of its clients and in partnership with Insurers, Groupe Eyssautier has built an international network of surveyors and lawyers. Over many years it has developed local knowledge and experience in the unloading, handling, and storage, in many of the Internationally well known ports.


  • Manufactured products:
  • Various goods intended for Supermarkets
  • Dry, canned products
  • Frozen Meat and Fish
  • Spare Parts
  • Textile
  • Perfumes

These goods are covered from their point of departure, to their point of arrival worldwide, including periods of marine, air, land and/or river transport, and the inland transit and storage on land.



  • The proposed guarantees relate to the coverage of the risks known as "Ordinary Risks" of transport and/or storage:
  • Guarantee FPA … (Limited to the major events)
  • Guarantee ALL RISKS

These are written on the current Conditions of the French, English, and Belgian markets, or any of the other conditions in force in the international markets.

These general policy conditions are "taylor made" by Groupe Eyssautier , to the particular needs of each client, considering their trading activities, and any specific perils and exposures, unique to that client.


  • Groupe Eyssautier is also specialised in the evaluation and placement of ‘Special Risks’ :

  • War Risks
  • Strikes, riots and civil commotion
  • Political Risks: Confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, deprivation (CEND)



Groupe Eyssautier offers its clients :

  • Complete review and audit of their insurance needs/ risk management
  • Advice relating to the chartering of vessels
  • The organisation and supervision of loading and unloading operations, with the support of a network of claim agents assisted by independent surveyors specialised in each type of commodity.
  • Assistance in the arrangement and negotiation of any legal measures to protect the rights of the Assured.
  • The initiation and maintenance of claims files.
  • The management of the recovery action against any third parties in the case of damage to cargo.