P&I and Third Party Liability

P&I means « Protection and Indemnity »

Protection & Indemnity Insurance - Traditionally covered by mutual associations known as ‘P & I Clubs’ offering high limits of insurance protection for third party liability cover, including pollution risks, passenger risks, and other high profile liability risks commonly encountered by Shipowners. Groupe Eyssautier has, over many years, enjoyed a close relationship with all the P & I Clubs, whether members of the International Group, or not, as well as the fixed premium insurers offering similar cover. We are able to provide accurate risk management advice, and mediate with all clubs and insurers in this sector.

Charterers Liability Insurance - A specialist insurance that caters to the liabilities incurred by the Charterer of a vessel, including damage to chartered vessels, third party liabilities, and also to the cargo. Normally covering contractual liabilities arising from the Charter party or bills of lading. Groupe Eyssautier is in daily contact with its clients (Shipowners, Carriers and Traders), and is able to advise from long experience the interpretation and other considerations of a charter party agreement and the appropriate insurance to meet these risks.

Marine Third Party Liabilities – There are several very diverse types of Marine Liability not normally covered under a General Liability policy. Freight forwarders Liability, Stevedores and Warehouseman Liability, Shipping Agents and many others, to name but a few. Groupe Eyssautier has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of Marine Liability, and is able to offer expert and precise advice in selecting and placing this type of insurance in both the European Market, and in Lloyds and the London Market.